BBC News debuts new set for national bulletins

June 13, 2022
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The new BBC News set in Studio B. It is a wide shot of a tall LED screen, with a large curved screen in the background, and part of the BBC logo as decoration up high above the set. Huw Edwards is standing in place. A large 10 is in the background

The new BBC News Studio B set as featured on The One Show. This is the design for the BBC Ten O’Clock News

BBC News has debuted a new set for the national bulletins on the BBC Ten O’Clock News tonight, and the reactions have been largely positive.

The set was first previewed on The One Show at 7pm, and was first shown in action during the Ten O’Clock news with Huw Edwards.

The new set, in BBC Broadcasting House’s Studio B, will also be featured on the Six O’Clock News as of tomorrow, as confirmed by Huw Edwards on The One Show.

Left: Huw Edwards Instagram post teasing the new set

The new curved BBC News desk, similar to the one used for Politics Live at BBC Millbank. A tall screen sits between Huw Edwards and Alex Jones
The catwalk area of the new BBC News set, with a large, continuous curved screen. Alex Jones is stood at the interview point, as directed by Huw Edwards.

Further shots of the new set, featuring the new desk and catwalk area

The new set is much larger than the previous newsroom set, and features a virtual newsroom backdrop for the main desk shot.

Multiple presentation points have been shown, including one that is designed for tall, mobile-style content, and a touch screen for use by the presenter or the weather team.

The design of the set features lots of physical elements that aren’t tied too much to the current look, which suggests the upcoming overall BBC News rebrand should not look out of place in this set. 

Reaction online has been positive, mentioning the European set influences that the set exhibits.


Left: A shot of the new tall screen in the new BBC News set. The robotic cameras were described by Huw Edwards as “Scandinavian technology”, running on rails embedded into the floor, with a flickering light in the base of each robotic camera. Also shown is the new spiral staircase, in the style of the spiral staircases in the newsroom.

Studio B was previously mothballed, due to its less automated nature than the other Broadcasting House studios. The cameras required human operators, and this was deemed too costly in the current climate. The upgrade has now introduced robotic cameras to the studio, the larger space allowing a wider variety of camera shots than has previously been possible in the regular News Channel and World News studios, Studio C and Studio E.

A shot of the One Show studio, with Jermaine Jenas in the shot, on the large BBC News touchscreen, imposingly large behind Huw Edwards and Alex Jones

A very large Jermaine Jenas, with a shot of Jermaine Jenas looking away from the very large Jermaine Jenas on the screen

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