The Telly Forum disappears after just 2 months

The Telly Forum, which launched in December 2022 as a competitor to the more popular TV presentation forum Pres Café, has gone offline completely.

The forum launched to little fanfare after disruptive self-promotion on Metropol was stopped, and little to no promotional activity occurred beyond this.

TV Presentation Forums: a new challenger appears

Presentation Station versus The Telly Forum. Both logos are placed against each other, and described later in the article in full

Since our previous article in August regarding the successors to TV Live Forum, a number of changes have taken place with the various television presentation forums set up in the wake of its closure.

The new television presentation forums: which is the best?

Since the closure of Robert J. Francis’s TV Live Forum on Sunday 31st July, there have been a number of potential successor forums that have sprung up.

A lot of members of TV Live Forum haven’t yet picked a place to join, so we’ve decided to give an overview…