The Telly Forum disappears after just 2 months

February 6, 2023
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The Telly Forum, which launched in December 2022 as a competitor to the more popular TV presentation forum Pres Café, has gone offline completely.

The forum launched to little fanfare after disruptive self-promotion on Metropol was stopped, and little to no promotional activity occurred beyond this.

The site appeared to suffer problems with spam accounts registering, with only 3 or 4 actual active members at any point during the site’s existence.

Snapshots from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine show the forum in its pre-registration stage, showing some of the spam usernames registered – one referring to a serial killer, and another referring to TV Live owner Rob Francis.

The associated Twitter account has not posted since 3rd December, and still has Christmas theming applied. 

As the site owner remained anonymous – despite strong evidence that the site was run by the user known as Blubatt on Pres Café – it is difficult to ascertain the exact problems the site owner had in running the site. However, a user on the MyBB’s technical support forum under the name “TheTellyForum” made a post about changing the way posts are shown on the homepage: as individual posts instead of as threads.

This didn’t change at any point whilst the forum was online. It would appear that the site owner lacked the knowledge to fix the problem themselves.

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