TV Presentation Forums: a new challenger appears

November 29, 2022
Updated: February 7, 2023
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Presentation Station versus The Telly Forum. Both logos are placed against each other, and described later in the article in full

Since our previous article in August regarding the successors to TV Live Forum, a number of changes have taken place with the various television presentation forums set up in the wake of its closure.

Pres Café has remained the dominant forum, now with over 1,500 members registered on the site. A small number of these have come across since the closure of TV Talk Forum, ostensibly due to the illness of the administrator.

The closure of TV Talk Forum came after the banning of one of the site administrators, “lepeterrr”, as well as a contretemps between Pres Café and TV Talk Forum over cross-posting of “exclusive” information regarding the rebrand of ITV’s channels.

Box Babble and TVPF are now both inactive sites, having never achieved any level of activity.

The only other site to have achieved some level of active membership is the TVArk Forum, having almost tripled its membership to over 200. The site is still receiving occasional contributions; with the backing of one of the oldest TV presentation websites, it appears it has every intention of continuing.

New sites

Though it is now clear that Pres Café is the definite successor to TV Live Forum, some sites have been set up in order to compete, or cover areas not in the purview of Pres Café.

Despite the provision of Gallery and Requests sections on TV Talk Forum, they did not prove particularly popular and did not drive a significant membership to that site.

However, two sites have been set up in order to try and cater to these interests.

Presentation Station

Members: 5+

Admins / Owners: Benjamin Lewis Attwood, known as “Blubatt”, sometimes known as “Blewatter”


  • No active flairs, but discussion topics include TV and Radio Presentation, Mocks, and Off Topic posts.
The Presentation Station logo, a simple graphic of a retro TV displaying a smiling face, with the words "Presentation Station" next to it

Presentation Station was set up on 7th November 2022 by Blubatt, a user of Pres Café, and previously TV Live Forum and TV Talk Forum. Blubatt is a regular Reddit user, and moderator of a number of subreddits.

The subreddit was set up in response to a challenge to do so made on TV Forum spin-off site Metropol, for a place for people to post mock designs.

Despite being run being an experienced Redditor, it appears that Presentation Station has never got off the ground, with a couple of posts that have been ignored upon launching, and nothing else since. None of the posts were concerning mocks.

The Telly Forum

A MyBB-based forum

Members: 0 (launching 3rd December 2022)

  • UPDATE: Site opened for pre-registration late on 29th November 2022

Admins / Owners: The administrator of the site has remained anonymous. However, evidence suggests that this forum has also been set up by Benjamin Lewis Attwood, known as “Blubatt”, sometimes known as “Blewatter”

Planned Sections:

  • The Gallery
  • Other unspecified sections
A poorly-spaced logo for The Telly Forum, consisting of those words over three lines in white.

On 15th November 2022, a thread was started on Metropol regarding the launch of a new TV presentation site called “The Telly Forum”. An initial launch date of “Friday [sic] 1st December” was listed, before updating the date to “Saturday [sic] 2nd December”, and finally “Saturday 3rd December”.

The thread stated that the site would be using phpBB, though the placeholder locked forum page appears to be using MyBB instead. (UPDATE: The site has now opened for pre-registration, and is using MyBB)

Despite the anonymous user on Metropol claiming that there is a team behind this new forum, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that this forum has also been set up by Blubatt, with very little technical skill and even less graphic design ability. The thread on Metropol was locked not long after it started.

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