DOGged with problems: ITV2 logo goes haywire

May 11, 2023
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A screenshot of ITV2, showing their old 2015 DOG, with the large 2 in the ITV Reem font. The show is One Tree Hill, and two characters are coincidentally showing pained faces

ITV2 has been suffering problems with the channel identifying DOG and other graphics, with them reverting to the design from the 2015 brand refresh.

Whilst the idents and other surrounding presentation remain unaffected, the DOG, and the identifying tags for subtitles and audio description, are all of the older design.

This has caused problems for ITV2+1, where the “+1” tag is unaffected, causing overlapping issues when displaying 4:3 content, such as episodes of Family Guy.

The problem started on 8th May, and has been occurring almost continually since then. The screen capture at the start of the article was taken just after 10:00am on 11th May. Whilst there appeared to have been a fix instituted on 9th May, the old DOG returned a few hours later on the same day.

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